Expert At Automotive Glass Processing And Manufacturing


FUZUAN MACHINERY provides Continuous Efficient And Professional Support To Our Customers



FUZUAN's professional technical team will provide you with an all-around and timely service before you make the final decision. It includes,

1. Help the customer choose the most suitable glass processing machines, automotive tempered or laminated line machines, according to the target market and production volume requirements.

2. Help the customer choose the materials or tooling related to the automotive glass field, such as the raw glass material, Molds, jigs, mirror button, rubber/EPDM ring, wiper seat connection, talcum powder etc. for manufacturing automotive glass.

3. Help the customer arrange all the automotive glass processing machines in the workshop.
4.Arrange visits to other glass processing companies.


FUZUAN will provide you complete and systematic after-sale service, which can deliver its technology service quickly to reduce equipment malfunction possibilities and shorten downtime. It includes,

1. On-site installation and training.

2. English manual and Video for machine using and maintenance.

3. 1 year warranty period (except wearing parts), life-long maintenance.

4. Via remote service, faults can be immediately localized and targeted actions can be initiated.

5. 24 hours technical support by email or Skype or Whats App.

6. FUZUAN provide our Customers with a spare parts list to guarantee the best efficiency of the supplied equipment. Our suggestion is to purchase the spare parts listed and keep them in stock for future needs. we can even provide you a reliable spare parts service, supply spare parts to Customers upon specific request, Fast and on-time delivery is our top priority.



Technical support

All the equipment provided by FUZUAN MACHINERY will be maintained for a lifetime, and free technical support.

Warranty period

After the equipment is installed and debugged, the equipment and accessories caused by non-human factors will be replaced and repaired free of charge.

After the warranty period

The company's equipment repairs and maintenance are all implemented technical services at the most favorable price, that is, material costs + labor travel expenses settlement.

More parts

A certain number of vulnerable and consumable parts are provided when the equipment leaves the factory.